EXO Light Stick (Ver. 2)

EXO Light Stick (Ver. 2)

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  • Very high quality. 
  • Check official and non official for quality details. 
  • Beautiful design that only "exotics" can have.
  • Holding is very comfortable.
  • The light it's very bright and you can see EXO logo very clear. 
Official and Non Official  
  • Official has the feature to connect via bluetooth with smartphone, for light syncing in concerts and change of color. Non official does not have this feature. 
  • Official and Non official include everything in the picture. (Picture below reviews)
  • Not much difference in quality, the only big difference is the bluetooth feature. Non official: 90% functionality compared to official one. 
  • Official comes from licensed manufactured. 


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EXO Light Stick (Ver. 2)